The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.
— Jessica Hische

The Idea

Elizabeth was a designer + crafter. David was a hobbyist woodworker and member of the US Army. 

Just after Elizabeth and David began dating in 2014, David deployed to Afghanistan. Elizabeth diligently sent letters and packages. She set out to purchase a postcard for David wherever she traveled. She was surprised that finding postcards proved to be quite a challenge, and the idea to create her own illustrations of cities and military bases, took root in her mind.

Elizabeth and David got married in 2016. Their passions met in designing and building furniture for their new home together. Elizabeth began to put her illustrations to paper, and David set to work, building frames and furniture. Sieger Design Co. was born.

Style & Qualifications

Sieger Design Co. has created a signature style that is natural without being overtly rustic, vintage inspired without looking old fashioned. 

Elizabeth is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati's college of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning. She received a B.S. in Fashion Design. In five years of corporate design work, Elizabeth rose to the position of Senior Designer, home textiles. Elizabeth now works as a freelance graphic and textile designer in addition to running Sieger Design Co.

The Siegers' goal is to create thoughtfully designed and carefully handcrafted products. Each piece is meant to bring charm and charisma to its new owner.

Behind the Curtain

Elizabeth and David are designers, cooks, woodworkers, and vacation enthusiasts. Their favorite weekends are spent dreaming up new home improvement projects, with a glass of bourbon, a fresh loaf of bread, and whatever meat David has cooking in the smoker. 

Collectively, David and Elizabeth are natives of Charleston and Cincinnati, but they have been proud to call Texas home for over 7 years. While they enjoy traveling to new places across the US and the world, their current goal is to see all the furthest corners of Texas, and everything in between. David and Elizabeth are parents to a golden retriever (2016) and newborn baby girl (2018).