Meet the Nelsons

Introducing some great friends: Doug, Lilly, and little Jasper.. I met Lilly at a previous job, and we instantly bonded over lunch time workouts, sarcasm, cocktails, and weddings. Doug and Lilly had gotten married shortly before we met, so Lilly was full of advice while David and I were planning ours (ironically, just 2 days off from their 1 year anniversary!). Doug and David also hit it off due to their love of grilling meat, college football, and other manly stuff that dudes generally like.

I wanted to start doing some custom wedding portraits, family portraits, and pet portraits, so I offered to do up a family portrait for these dear friends who carried all my heaviest furniture down 3 flights of stairs. But, when I went on Facebook to stalk them for photos, I got completely sidetracked by their stunning wedding photos, at Lone Star Park, in Dallas!

So, this project turned into wedding portraits with a separate pet portrait. Don't you just love that little doggie face?! These types of portraits are a huge passion of mine, because it is so personal, working directly with the customer, sharing in the joy of their moment.

Take a peek below, and check out the Shop for more examples, or to request a portrait of your own!