Ikea Fixer Upper

We are closing in on the end of our home to-do list! We are in full on project mode as my husband has a surgery approaching later this month, which will essentially be the end of our summer, and the end of woodworking projects for several months. 

This project was the result of a lack of storage in our rental home, combined with wanting to make "our" bedroom feel more like "ours" and less like "his." I have had this white Micke desk from Ikea for, gosh, going on 5 years now. It was cute for the first year, but since then it's been through 4 moves, which is about 3 moves too many, if you ask me. I am surprised it is still standing. So, picture this nice little desk with hardware falling out and a plethora of scratches on the desktop. 

When I moved in with my handy husband, he took the top surface off an old picnic table and gave it new legs, creating a great, large surface for my sewing/drawing/pattern making desk. Much more functional than this little guy! So, we moved the Micke desk to our bedroom, and the lack of storage in the bathroom gave us the idea to turn it into a vanity.

I followed this post for guidance on refinishing the lovely particle board, and I used Sherwin Williams "Slate" for the updated color. I love using this greyish-blue in the home as an updated neutral! It really adds life to a room while remaining calm. 

I considered doing a contrast color on the drawers a-la the Ikea original, but I wanted to keep this a budget project since it likely won't hold up in too many more moves. Instead I opted to go over it all in my favorite Slate, with a honey-stained wood chair. In the spirit of budget, I found a $5 mirror to add the function of a vanity. I chose not to cover the entire back panel with a mirror so that I would still have some whiteboard space from the original design.

I love the outcome, and I'm excited for our bedroom, the last room on our list, to come together!