The Life We Imagined

Henry David Thoreau once wrote, "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined." 

This quote has been at the top of my thoughts for the better part of the last year, as my now husband and I dreamed of a life together. We dreamed of our home, our furniture, our future family. Once we got engaged, logistics took over, and our dreams took a back seat as we had to figure out how to bridge the 150+ miles between our homes. We came up with scheme after ridiculous scheme: "we'll live apart the first year of our marriage" "you'll move here and work remote for your current job" "we'll live in Killeen" "we'll live in Dallas" "we'll live in Mansfield" "we'll live in Celina!" ....I could go on.

Of course, it worked itself out, and now we find ourselves finally together, and married for over a month already. We are back to our old ways, egging each other on with ideas built upon ideas for how to make our rental house feel like a true home. Every trip to Lowe's for one project seems to result in coming home with materials for two more projects. I used to call it Project A.D.D. - my inability to focus on one project because I became so inspired about another. But now, I think it is just excitement. Finally we can build the life we imagined, confidently going after our dreams: and that starts with the kitchen table.