The Beginning

Since my husband and I decided we were not busy enough with a 10 week old puppy, his full time job, my current freelance gig, and general housework, we decided to build the 6' x 3.5' farmhouse kitchen table of our dreams.

This was our first collaborative project. I have a long history of sewing, craft & design experience, and my husband grew up learning woodworking from his father. So, David advised me on materials and woodworking, while I advised on design and took on the 11+ hours of sanding this table required. 

The final result is a table that transformed our kitchen. I could sit at this table all day long - and I just might, since I work from home! We finished it off with a handmade planter box and some cute succulents to add life to the room. But really, it's not the finish. The table has inspired us to do more, kicking off a round of projects that is going to make our rental house a totally different home. We have been busy in the workshop, and we can't wait to share everything else we have going on!