Home is Where the Coffee Is.

When I moved in with my husband, one of the biggest issues we ran into was kitchen cabinet space. As I unloaded my extensive coffee mug collection, I could see his eyes getting bigger and bigger. "Aren't there any you don't REALLY need?" Oh, such a silly question. They are all different shapes, sizes, designs, specially selected from different cities I've visited. I believe in the power of a great cup of coffee, and I believe the mug plays a big role in that power. I carefully and purposefully select my mug each morning. Yes, I need them. 

For the record, since compromise is key in marriage, I did choose two or three to part with. And yes, I miss them.

Thankfully, my saint of a husband supported my idea to clear out the cabinets by displaying some mugs, instead of storing them. He whipped up a pallet-style display this past weekend, and we just finished the sanding and staining. A little hardware installation and boom, problem solved.

With another piece crossed off the list, we're well on our way to completing the kitchen!